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Sponsor Nitroflow Performance performance enhancer
Sponsor Nitroflow Performance performance enhancer
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Sponsor Nitroflow Performance performance enhancer

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Performance enhancer: Sponsor Nitroflow Performance 2 energizer, performance enhancer

A complete and uncompromising solution to maximizing performance - preparation, performance, protection and recovery.

Nitroflow Performance is a performance optimizer suitable for both strength and endurance sports. We recommend its use especially during competition preparation, during hard training blocks, and to support regeneration.

Nitroflow Performance is a scientifically created food supplement with special plant extracts with a high polyphenol content. It contains a unique combination of functional ingredients that have been scientifically tested and already used in elite sports, with regard to increasing fatty acid oxidation (energy supply) and improving performance.

Main active ingredients

  • It contains Fruitflow® tomato extract , which contributes to the maintenance of platelets, inhibits the excessive formation of blood clots and thus supports normal blood flow.
  • Enriched with Montmorency cherry and New Zealand blackcurrant extracts , which are often used in elite sports as they influence performance and regeneration.
  • The preparation contains the amino acid L-citrulline , which is important in metabolic cycles, so it is especially recommended for hard training, as it delays fatigue.
    L-citrulline is also a precursor of arginine production, thus a nitric oxide (NO) booster.
  • Various plant and fruit extracts provide the body with valuable polyphenols that activate nitrogen synthesis.
    Nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas in the body that plays an important role in nerve stimulation, immune function, tissue reconstruction, and the regulation of blood vessel dilation. Thanks to the expansion of the blood vessels, more blood can be delivered to the vessels, which results in better oxygen utilization during activity.

  • Selenium plays an important role in the antioxidant protection of cells.
  • Vitamin C reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

It contains 29 types of plant extracts , such as:

  • ViNitrox (250 mg/dose): polyphenols from apples and grapes
  • CherryPure (250 mg/dose): innovative plant extract from the Montmorency cherry
  • FruitFlow (150 mg/dose): tomato extract to maintain healthy blood flow
  • New Zealand blackcurrant (150 mg/serving): rich in anthocyanins that affect nitrogen metabolism
  • Watts'Up (250 mg/dose): patented citrus extract as an energy saver at the cellular level. It can be used as a triple action partner in the area of ​​strength-interval-endurance.


  • Performance optimization in endurance and strength sports
  • It supports the formation of nitric oxide (NO).
  • Maintaining normal blood flow
  • Optimized oxygen (O 2 ) delivery and use
  • Dilation of blood vessels
  • Mitochondrial oxygen consumption and energy production
  • Provides targeted nutrient optimization in high-intensity stages
  • Antioxidative protection that supports regeneration


  • Endurance sports : Consume approx. 5 days and approx. 3 hours before the competition and 1-2 days after the competitions and training for regeneration.

  • Power sports : Consume 2-3 hours before intense training or competition to support performance and regeneration.

Dissolve the contents of the bag for approx. in 150-200 ml of water.
Use a shaker to dissolve the powder!

It is recommended to consume 1 sachet per day.

Recommendation: In combination with Red Beet Vinitrox, we can achieve maximum nitrogen oxide build-up in performance.

Acacia fibers, L-citrulline malate, 15% plant extracts (citrus bioflavonoids, apple-grape, cherry, tomato, blackcurrant, turmeric, coffee, green tea extract (leaf), onion, acerola extract, blueberry), thickeners ( xanthan, sodium alginate), flavors, acidity regulators (citric acid, ascorbic acid), 0.5% fruit and vegetable concentrates (broccoli sprouts, camu camu, acai, acacia, elderberry, carrot, mangosteen, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, spinach, green cabbage , Brussels sprouts), spices (black pepper extract, garlic, basil, oregano, cinnamon), selenium-containing yeast, sweetener (steviol glucoside).

PACKAGING / FLAVOR: 10 x 7g / box (= 10 daily servings) - Blackcurrant flavor

Warning : Do not exceed the recommended daily amount. The product does not replace a balanced and mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

It retains its quality: see on the packaging

Origin, production:
Development: Switzerland
Made in Switzerland