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Turmfalke 2500 NV

Turmfalke 2500 NV

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The Kestrel 2500NV carries over the great features of the Kestrel 2000, with a pressure sensor and backlight for night vision. The 3-hour pressure trend indicator helps you predict fish and wildlife activity and see if the weather is about to deteriorate. With its easy-to-use pressure altimeter, it is the perfect instrument for all outdoor activities.

Measurement functions:

Current wind speed
Maximum wind speed
Average wind speed
Air/water/snow temperature
Wind chill factor
Air pressure


Sure Grip protective case
Large, easy-to-read display
Illuminated display
Large workspace
High precision
Patented propeller and sensor technology
Propeller can be replaced without tools
Fast-reacting, external temperature sensor
Minimum and maximum values
Practical averaging function
Data storage function
Waterproof and floats
Robust and drop-tested
Made in the USA

Note: The Kestrel 2500NV has a night vision preservation backlight to help users maintain natural night vision. The backlight includes an optical filter that reduces overall brightness and minimizes the blue and green spectrum. Additionally, the backlight is much dimmer than conventional backlighting, making nighttime operations more difficult to see with the naked eye. This backlight appears grey-pink, not red, and is still in the visible range, making it incompatible with night vision devices.